Learn landscape, portrait, time-lapse and night sky photography while exploring one of the best photography destinations on Earth ‘Himalaya’. 

Himalaya, the breath-taking consequence of the battle between two tectonic plates, is home to spectacular mountains and variety of landscapes. These are entities that make you feel ant-like, another traveler along its crags. You look up at them in awe and respect. However, Himalaya also offer something that no other vistas can, a sense of challenge, a sense of journey, a sense of accomplishment. 

My Journey, which lasted around two years, started as a Trek Leader with IndiaHikes and then as a full-time Photographer/Videographer at Bikat Adventures. Majority of this time has been spent in Himalaya photographing landscapes in different seasons, different places at different times of the day. I’ve been learning photography for the past ten years and would always be an on-going process.

For workshops/tours contact here for more information. 

On the tour you’ll learn about :

  • Light & Exposure (exposure triangle)

  • Control of your camera to make it see what you see

  • Composition and Color

  • Basic Photo Editing    

  • Landscape and Portrait photography

  • Time-lapses

  • Milky Way & Night Landscape photography.

  • Advanced planning techniques to find the Milky Way & clear dark skies.

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