Mirror Slaps

Tides Of Football


The white burst of the ocean wave against the rocks echoes the kick colliding with the ball. Endless energy exists in the ocean and humans alike.

Look how gaily they laugh now.

But there will certainly be wounds just as these grey waters constantly tinged with uncertainty. Look at the array of emotions, displayed like bright shells on a sunny day at the beach. Strung in a necklace, they are certainly to be worn with pride.

Run, one step at a time, one wave at a time. Balancing as they dance for and against the spheres, sometimes both rush forward and sometimes retreat.

Look how they dance within the dictates of this earth, this game. The revolving players vacillate between the sun and the moon. Bending and turning and swerving to achieve fantastic shapes. Crash, and then fall away, fall apart!

The sand is all churned up but the ocean has always lain vast, abandoned in its motion while the humans play on, blithely, laughing abandonly. Pushing and pulling and always opposing gravity.

Prachi Kumari