Remote Viewing

 How do you want to experience life? Wide or deep? When I shoot with a long lens, I have managed to uncover a part of the answer. The vastness of landscapes astounds me undoubtedly, but I have an urge to zone in. Like a pair of binoculars focusing on minimalistic landscapes. I like my lens to whittle down the distractions and let me focus on the textures, the incredible details that add depth to the landscapes.

All my images have an interplay of light and shadows. I like my share of blacks, in photos as well as in life. Is there anyone who has lived a full life and has wished for the shadows to be eliminated in hindsight?

The landscapes are stark, but the hues are subtle. A little crevasse has a story to tell. A snowflake beside it might have a verse to sing. Different perspectives, all observed from a long lens. A lens that forces you to sit back and think, deliberate on that patch of detail, and see if it has a life of its own.

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