I'm Ayush Goyal. Freelance Photographer/Videographer based out of New Delhi.

As is the case with most photographers, I shot whatever I could without knowing what I should. It wasn't until I was camping and trekking through the Himalayas for a month, chasing perfect landscapes and portraits, that I knew what I ought to be photographing.

After coming back, I started working with trekking organisations initially as a Trek Leader and later as a Photographer/Videographer.

As I spent more time on the trails, it became clear what I wanted to portray in my work. The landscapes, zoned in, to show the incredible details, as a metaphor for the different textures of life. The portraits, of people who work with their hands and bodies, to show what was always essentially a part of  'being human'. 

This is me. Hoping against hope that we have not irreversibly crossed the line which coaxes you into the path of least resistance.

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